Tickling Tech

Let’s (Twitter) Chat


After teaching a wonderful group of educators today, I thought I’d summarize the lessons learned from teaching Twitter chat.

1. Share common abbreviations. In education Twitter chats, the most common ones are: Ts = Teachers, Ss = Students, Ps = Parents, As = Administrators.

2. Search for the hashtag you wish to follow. For our chat today, we used #gaetc14chat. Search the whole thing including the hashtag (number sign).

3. You must make sure the privacy setting doesn’t have Tweets limited. AND, it’s different to find the settings -> account -> privacy on the laptop, iPhone and Androids.

4. You can delete a tweet. We tried! Others may have read it, others may screenshot it, but you can delete a tweet you sent.

5. Friends don’t let friends remain eggheads. Put a selfie, favorite picture or a picture of your dog(!) in your account.

6. Education hashtags:  http://cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html
Education Twitter chat list: bit.ly/officialchatlist

7. Be Personable, Not Personal.